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We are a Romanian company, specialized in the retail and distribution of stockings, lingerie, bathing suits, pajamas and footwear. Our products can be found in the Gatta store chains and our partners’ stores throughout the country. You can either visit us at the closest shop, or purchase your favorite products online, on www.gatta.ro.

Exclusive Distributor in

Specialized in the trading of textiles and footwear, we are exclusive distributors in Romania of brands such as Gatta, Bertini, Carla Sellini, Wanted and Gatta shoes. Our products can be found in our own stores, Gatta, situated in shopping malls, but also in specialized shops, supermarkets or hypermarkets. Also, you can find our products online, on www.gatta.ro.

Mondorom - History & Experience

Mondorom was born 15 years ago – a business set to satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients throughout the country. The experience gained in all these years enables us to offer today top quality products and services.


Our products are distinguished by elegance, delicacy and refinement. We are permanently concerned about their quality and considerate about our clients’ needs and requirements. Each and every item in our portfolio is meant to befit those looking for style and quality.


Stockings with personality, created in order to suit the latest fashion trends and satisfy the needs of the most demanding and stylish clients. Fabricated from high quality materials, our over 100 product types include both classic and modern models, neutral or eccentric colors and various denier ranges, in order to satisfy the needs of each and every woman.

Carla Sellini

Carla Sellini is a brand of hosiery, which follows the Italian tradition and quality standards. Befitting for every style, these products are distinguished both by elegance and moderate pricing. The classic, timeless, models merge with modern details, thus transforming the Carla Sellini stockings into the perfect choice for every woman.

Gatta shoes

The Gatta Shoes collections are defined by elegance and style. Fabricated from high quality leather, the products are destined solely to women and ensure durability and style. With design varying from casual to elegant and from classic to modern, the footwear collections are fitting regardless of the season, situation or personal style.


Created from high quality natural leather, the Wanted footwear collections are meant to redefine men’s standards of comfort. The various models are prone to satisfying every style - be it either classic, or contemporary - and meant to elegantly replenish any outfit.


The outfit of any man will be completely changed with the aid of proper accessories. The Bertini shoe laces and leather belts are created in order to add a unique aspect to the entire outfit and to assure the comfort sought by each and every individual. Designed for those who appreciate refinement, the Bertini products are well-known as elegant, fashionable and qualitative.

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